Eligibility Criteria That Must Be Praised for Citizenship Application Service in Canada

Canada is one of the most immigration-friendly countries all over the world. Individuals get various abundant facilities in the country. Here are the most common lists for you:

  • Free education facilities for children
  • Several social benefits
  • Universal healthcare
  • A safe environment to settle
  • Individuals can bring their parents long them in Canada

For that reason, people look for opportunities to relocate to the country. Yes, you also can avail of all the opportunities once you will be selected as a permanent citizen of Canada. Are you also thinking the same after going through the facilities? Immediately look for the citizenship application service in Canada.

  • Wait for a minute!!!

Before searching for Canadian citizenship application service providers, let’s understand the eligibilities criteria. You must fulfill all of these minimum eligibility criteria.

5 Eligibility Criteria You Need to Pass for Becoming a Canadian Citizen

Not everyone can apply for a Canadian immigrant. Applicants should have these five minimum eligibilities criteria to be praised for Canadian citizenship.

PR Status

PR status or permanent resident status is important to earn the Canadian citizenship emblem. You will not qualify for Canadian citizenship if your profile matches the following:

  • The Canadian government has ordered you a removal order, i.e. asked you to leave the country.
  • Your immigration paper is under review.
  • Your documents have been under review due to any fraud reasons.
  • You haven’t fulfilled all PR status requirements such as medical screening.

Reside in Canada for at least 3 out of the latest 5 years

The requirement of physical presence in Canada is essential to avail of citizenship application service in Canada. You require to live in Canada at least for three years out of the last five years. It is highly recommended that you must live in Canada for more than 1,095 days to avoid certain problems.

Qualify a Citizenship Test

For becoming citizenship of Canada, you need to qualify for a citizenship test. The test questions will comprise the following Canadian topics.

Citizenship Test Topics:

  • Symbol
  • Economy
  • Geography
  • History
  • Laws
  • Government

Citizenship Test Guidelines:

  • Type of exam: Mostly written but sometimes it can be oral as well.
  • Study materials: Search the internet for “Discover Canada”.
  • The time limit is half an hour.
  • The question type is MCQ (multiple choices questions) and T/F (True-False) questions.
  • The test language would be in French or English.
  • The number of Questions would be twenty.
  • Your pass marks would be 15/20.


Qualify Language Test

French and English are the two primary languages used in Canada. Individuals must be between the ages of 18 and 54 to be considered Canadian citizens. They must demonstrate proficiency in at least one of the languages in both hearing and speaking. Immigrants must achieve level 4 or above CLB, or Canadian Language Benchmarks, in order to pass the language test. CLB requires to following criteria:

  • Knowledge of basic grammar, tense, and sentence structures.
  • Having adequate vocabulary knowledge is important.
  • Have proficiency in everyday conversations on various common topics.
  • Individuals should have precise comprehending skills to understand basic questions, instructions, and directions.


Tax Filing Documents

Tax filing proof is another most important document you must have to apply for Canadian citizenship. You are required to show minimum lat three years of tax filing documents that have been paid.



So, finally, these are the common five criteria you must be eligible for if you are thinking for being a Canadian citizen. Check the list discussed just earlier. Have you passed all the tests or have all the eligibility requirements? Contact Can Settle Immigration today and apply for citizenship application service in Canada. Here you will get all sorts of Visas that can fulfill your desire. Hurry. Act now!

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