How Are the New Caregiver Programs in Canada Different?

caregiver programs in Canada

Canada puts family value up front. Canadians believe that nothing can cost more than family. The Canadian government allots a reliable portion of its budget in several sectors, from medical care to senior citizen benefits. Canada employs skilled foreign workers to work and settle down in Canada as caregivers. If you want to immigrate to Canada, you can do it with caregiver programs in Canada. Do you know how does it work?

In this blog, we will tell you everything you need to know about caregiver programs in Canada.

Type of caregiver programs in Canada

The caregiver programs in Canada help those who desire to move to Canada and find stable jobs in the care giving industry. In 2019, a new immigration pilot program for caregivers was introduced. Potential participants in the caregiver pilot program will be pleased to hear that the new program offers greater leeway in terms of eligibility requirements. 5500 applications will be accepted annually. There are two types of caregiver programs in Canada

  • Under Home Child Care Provider Pilot
  • Under Home Support Worker Pilot

Besides family caregiver, Canada also welcomes highly-skilled, semi-skilled, self-employed, private, and volunteer caregivers. If you are looking for a reliable and professional immigration services, make sure you get in touch with Can Settle Immigration.

Drawbacks of old caregiver program

The previous caregiver programs in Canada were employer-specific and employer-driven, which meant that if a Canadian company had a shortage of qualified caregivers, it could hire one from abroad, but only after going through the LIMA process. Earlier, the caregiver was not permitted to bring his or her dependent spouse or children to Canada along with him or her. Once the primary caregiver’s application for permanent residence has been approved, the dependents can apply for their visa permits. The dependent could not apply along with the caregiver.

Benefit of the new program

The new caregiver programs in Canada are still employer-driven. However, they are no longer specific to a single employer. Businesses in Canada are no longer obliged to go through the LMIA process in order to engage a caregiver. Once the caregivers get their work permits, they are no longer restricted to working for only one employer, but are instead allowed to seek employment with any number of organizations in any area they want.

Unlike the old program, your spouse and dependent children can now apply for the visa permit along with your caregiver work permit. The new caregiver programs in Canada provide a lot of reliability. Caregivers can now feel safer and more assured thanks to the new initiative. They are no longer restricted to working just for the company or location listed on their documents.

Prerequisites for the new caregiver pilot program

If you want to successfully immigrate to Canada via caregiver programs in Canada (HCCP or HSWP), there are some certain prerequisites that you need to follow. Here the role of an immigration consultant plays a vital role.

  • You must have a full-time job offer from a Canadian employer
  • You should have at least one year of verified experience in the same field
  • You have to have a good score (CLB 5 level) in English or French language test
  • You should have completed one year of post-secondary education in Canada
  • You must meet other immigration criteria (financial stability, background check, become no threat to Canada, etc.)

Hiring an immigration consultant plays a crucial role here. He will be able to guide you so that your application does not get rejected. COVID 19 has affected caregiver programs in Canada. The process time for caregiver visa faces delays. The IRCC states that processing period for caregiver programs in Canada is typically around 12 months. If the candidate has appropriate job experience, processing a permanent residency application could take up to 6 months.

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