Business Immigration Services

Business Visa Consultant In Canada

Are you keen to move to Canada to start a business?

If you have a business or relevant experience, you might be able to immigrate to Canada. The Government of Canada chooses business class immigrants based on their potential to build themselves commercially and promote the growth of the Canadian economy. The entire family will immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident under business status.

Both federal and provincial governments are accepting business immigrants and offering programmes to help immigrants start and settle down in Canada.

Business immigrants are individuals who will invest in, or launch, Canadian companies and are expected to sustain a healthy and stable economy.

Available Business Immigration programs:

Investor Immigration

These immigration programs are for individuals with a certain net worth and enough capital to make an investment in the Canadian economy.

Entrepreneur Immigration

Individuals with a certain net worth and business management experience who plan to run a business in Canada may be able to submit an application.

Self-Employed Immigration

These programs allow self-employed individuals with significant experience in certain trades and professions to make an application for Canadian immigration.

Entrepreneur Start-Up Visas

With funding and support from a designated Canadian investment organization, individuals with a plan for a unique business may be able to acquire this visa.

Provincial Nomination

Depending upon the Province, a number of immigration programs may be available for those looking to operate a business in that province.

Please contact us to discuss in detail to see which program you can qualify for.