Demand for Business Visa Consultants in Canada Are Rising Day by Day!

Planning to relocate to Canada is a good option for individuals. There is a lot of scope for dwelling. As a result, everyone wants to talk to a consultant about it. Nowadays, Business Visa has become a viable option for visiting Canada.

Recently, the demand for business visa consultants in Canada has been increased immensely. A Canadian business visa is a type of application that permits people to visit Canada with the intention of doing business with a Canadian firm.

Canada’s sophisticated economy attracts a great number of businesses and individuals looking to develop their economic partnerships. These individuals may be required to go to Canada to meet with possible business partners in order to develop their strategies or establish contractual arrangements.

How an Individual Will Apply for a Business Visa in Canada?

Thousands of individuals these days are looking for Canadian business visas. Here are some steps that they require to follow to avail of the business visa:

  • Check your eligibility.
  • Gather the necessary documents and application papers.
  • Submit your demanded applications.
  • Wait for the processing to complete and then answer additional information requests.
  • For passport stamping, provide your passport.


Now, besides the knowledge of the business visa application process, you must keep some facts into your mind.

7 Important Facts Regarding Canadian Business Visa

The common facts about the Canadian business visa are mentioned below:


Business visas are not permanent; this is temporary. That means if you have prepared or are going to make your business visa, it will only be valid for certain months, i.e., usually six months. After that, you require to renew it.


With this kind of visa, individuals cannot work for any firm or establish any startup in the country. They are only permitted to talk about business and sign any possible contracts.


You also won’t be able to acquire Canadian health insurance or apply for Canadian credentials if you have a Business Visa.


Eligibility criteria are an important fact if you are deciding to prepare for a business visa. Here are the following common lists that you require to follow:

  • You must either own a business in a country other than Canada or work for a corporation headquartered in a country apart from Canada.
  • You should have sufficient sources of income or work in a nation other than Canada. Because this scenario ensures that you would not join as an employee in any Canadian firm.
  • You are required to maintain an excellent record of honoring other nations’ business visas.
  • You must provide documentation of having a business connection with a Canadian firm or being summoned to a conference, seminar, or workshop.


Canada Business Visa fees is another important information you must know. From starting to apply and approve, the complete charge will be around CAD$230. Where CAD$100 is the application fees, CAD$85 is the additional fees, and the rest amount you require to pay after the approval of your Canadian business visa.


The fact you must keep in mind is that you will not immediately recipe your business visa ready in your hands. Canadian Embassy takes around one to six weeks to process your business visa.


You will not get the permit to bring your dependent with you to help in business works. As you are the person, who has been applied for a visa to attend a business meeting or a related reason, you will be the sole person who will get the permit to travel to Canada for business purposes.

So, at the upshot, what are you thinking? Are you also planning to do so? Contact the expert Business Visa Consultants In Canada available at Can Settle Immigration for more details and apply for a business visa. Act now!

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