Important Facts on Caregiver Programs in Canada 2022


A caregiver is a paid/unpaid worker hired to get help in daily living activities. A caregiver must be at least 18 years old to become eligible for the position. Caregiver programs are one of the demanded alternative pathways to get Canadian PR. Canada.

According to 2021 reports, Canada has opened 6,000 vacancies for caregivers at the end of the year. However, if you’re planning to immigrate to Canada through Caregiver programs in 2022, it is the best time.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the important facts on Caregiver Programs in Canada including their job roles, eligibility criteria, and job advantages & drawbacks. Read on to know more.

Want to Immigrate Through Caregiver Programs in Canada? Learn More!

If you’re planning to immigrate to any Canadian province as a Caregiver, this blog is perfect for you. You must know some latest facts before applying for the position.

Job Roles of Caregivers

Caregivers are accountable for providing cognitive and psychosocial care to someone unable to care for themselves due to disease, accident, or impairment. It typically entails aid with both financial and legal issues.

For example, you are in charge as a caregiver. The severity of your loved one’s illness, as well as his/her capabilities and requirements, will typically influence the duties you play as a caregiver. Here are the lists:

  • Caretaker
  • Listener
  • Communicator as well as Interpreter
  • Navigator
  • Advocate

Eligibility Criteria for Caregiver Programs in Canada

For recent few years, Canada opening vacancies for Caregivers under two programs. Such as:

Home Child Care Provider Pilot

If you want to apply under this category, you require to provide in-home care to children below the age of 18. However, the caregiver candidates under this program must have work experience in NOC 4411.

*Note: Canada has closed this program in 2022. It will reopen on 1st January 2023.


Home Support Worker Pilot

However, if you prefer to immigrate to Canada through this caregiver program, you must have work experience in NOC 4412. This caregiver program has been designed for providing personal care & companion to senior citizens. Moreover, you may take care of individuals with disabilities as well.

*Note: Currently, this caregiver program is open to apply. However, there are only 2,750 applications available for this position.


Now, let’s check the eligibility criteria of these caregiver programs below, and see whether you’re eligible or not.


You’ll be eligible to apply for the Home Support Worker Pilot or Home Child Care Provider Pilot if you:


What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Being a Caregiver?

Working as a caregiver has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. For example:




●  Relationship forming

●  Day-to-day interesting works

●  Learning opportunities

●  Better living residence

●  Handy salary

●  Better care

●  You’ll have to work alone. No one will        be available to help you.

●  In comparison to other occupations,            there will be less flexibility.

●  It’s conceivable that your work isn’t            time-sensitive. Every day, you may              work for 10 to 12 hours.

●  You and your chief may share an                 emotional relationship and face a               range of emotional challenges.


Who Can Hire Caregivers in Canada?

Not everyone can hire caregivers for home support and child-caring services. To hire a caregiver, individuals:

  • must be a PR Or Citizen for hiring caregivers in Canada.
  • should have adequate sources of income so that you will be able to pay the caregivers.
  • have to offer them job-caring work for the aged persons, children, or individuals with disabilities.


How to Apply for Caregiver Programs In Canada?

Did you plan to apply? Here, two conditions arise. Such as:

  • You’re from Outside Canada

If you’re from outside Canada, you should have an authentic & valid job offer before you apply. After that, you can complete your application process through form fill-up, form validation, signature, documentation, and fees payment.

  • You’re Currently Living in Canada

However, if you’re currently living in Canada, your profile must match one of the following before preceding the application processes.

  • You or your spouse must have a valid study or work permit
  • Graduated from a Canadian institute, CÉGEP, community college, or a publicly funded trade/technical school.
  • Your TRP (Temporary Resident Permit) is currently valid for six months or more.

At the upshot, these are the most common, and important facts for you on caregiver programs in Canada. Furthermore, if you want to know more, contact Can Settle Immigration now!

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