How to Become a Canadian Citizen?

A step-by-step guideline to move to Canada and become a Canadian citizen. Book Canadian Citizenship Application Services.

Canada is a country providing numerous opportunities for all of them who want to be Canadian citizens. Either you want to go to Canada for higher education, a business, or a job, there are many ways to reach your aims. To Apply for a Permanent Residency you need to verify Canadian Citizenship Requirements and Eligibility while applying for Canadian Citizenship Application Services.

Someone who was born in Canada is automatically a Canadian citizen but if someone is not born in Canada, has to Apply for a Permanent Residency.  After 3 years of PR, someone can apply for Canadian citizenship. Before thinking of Canadian citizenship, you must know whether you are able to immigrate to Canada. As a Canadian citizen, you are also able to vote in all elections. Citizenship is the most eminent immigration profit you can get in Canada and going to that point includes many steps. Can Settle Immigration Services.

Canadian Citizenship Application Services Eligibility Requirements

Requirements and Eligibility to Become a Canadian Citizen

  • Permanent Resident: To You must have been in Canada as a PR for a minimum of 1,095 days out of the 5 years.
  • Language Ability: You must have proficiency in any of the standard languages in Canada (French and English) by getting the expected ranks from the Test and International English Language Testing System (IELTS).
  • Education: The candidate must present the authorized scientific certificate taken from outside Canada and Mostly the WES Foundation takes the confirmed reports.
  • Age: To verify for Canadian immigration, you must be 18 years old and above.

Canadian Citizenship Application Process

To apply for Canadian citizenship, go through below step one by one:

  1. Obtain a Citizenship Application:

The Citizenship application includes the direction and all the forms you require to fill. For 18 + year old applicants, Application for Canadian Citizenship – Adults is available and finished with the online Physical Presence Calculator.

For the applicant under the age of 18, an Application for Canadian Citizenship – Minors is available. For each kid, you need to feel a separate form. Use the direction and the paper checklist to assure you don’t miss anything.

2. Pay the Application Fees:

Your Canadian Citizenship Application Fees depend on whether you’re an 18 + year old adult or a minor. Fees include the processing fee and the right of citizenship fee.  If you’re giving more than one Canadian Citizenship Application Services then you can submit all the charges collectively.

  1. Give the Canadian citizenship test or interview:

If you have verified through the essential requirements for citizenship and your ages are between 18 and 54 years, you must have gone through some test or interview to assure you have a basic knowledge of Canada and any of its official languages. In such tests and interviews, you may ask some easy questions like the duties and rights of citizenship, the government, the political rule, history, geography, people, industry, and voting systems in Canada.

  1. Canadian Citizenship Oath

If you satisfy all the requirements and eligibility to become a Canadian Citizenship, you will get a notification informing you where and when your citizenship ceremony will happen. You will take the Canadian Citizenship Oath and get your certificate of citizenship in this ceremony. You will then be allowed to have all the rights and privileges of Canadian citizenship.

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Final Words

Currently, due to COVID 19, there are some changes in the rules. You can also contact some Canadian Citizenship Application Services teams to Apply for Permanent Residency and know all the Canadian Citizenship Requirements and Eligibility.

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